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  • COD Ghosts World Premiere

    This is what we know about Call of Duty Ghosts so far. At the end of Microsoft's Xbox One reveal Infinity Ward showed a dev diary about the development of Cod Ghosts. From that video we found out that the new story for CoD Ghosts was written by Stephen Gaghan, Academy Award winning writer of Traffic. They showed that the game will be running on an entirely new engine with a lot of improvements from a technical standpoint (things like near field r...
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  • COD Ghosts Reveal

    Earlier this month Call of Duty: Ghosts was revealed, both through a leak and officially by Activision. CoD Ghosts will be a new sub-franchise within the Call of Duty world. If you are familiar at all with the CoD franchise you should remember the character Ghost from Modern Warfare 2. This is who I believe CoD Ghosts will be based around, at least for the single player campaign. CoD Ghosts will be an important iteration for the franchise becaus...
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  • Free Call Of Duty: Ghosts Door Hangers

    We provide you some awesome Call of Duty Ghosts door hangers which you can print out and hang on your door knob. Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released on November 5, 2013. Pre-order now. (more...)...
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  • Leaked Call of Duty Ghosts Image

    Here we share the first Call of Duty Ghosts leaked Images The Cover art of the game   Stay tuned more image will be posted soon. ...
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  • Call of Duty Ghosts Teaser Trailer

    COD Ghosts Teaser Trailer had been released today, it shows many guys wearing masks for helping and defending themselves, and at the end it shows the main character of cod ghosts game which wear a ghosts mask to help all the people. Call of Duty: Ghosts Masked Warriors Trailers - There are those who wear masks to protect themselves. And there are those who wear masks to protect us all. See the world premiere of Call of Duty: Ghosts May 21st. (...
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